Dr. Jennifer Languell


Dr. Jennifer Languell is a nationally recognized leader in educating construction industries about the benefits of green building and sustainable development.  She has worked as a part of the development team on high performance, single-family housing, affordable high-rise residences, commercial projects and some of the largest and most sustainable land developments in the world.  Dr. Languell most recently collaborated on building Florida’s first affordable high-rise residence and received Florida Green Building Coalition certification.  She has also worked with governments and municipalities that are moving toward sustainable and fiscally prudent operating and management practices.  She frequently appears at national and international conferences, speaking to professionals and consumers in their own language about the environmental and cost benefits of building “green.”  She holds a bachelor degree in Materials Science and Engineering, a master’s degree n Civil Engineering and Construction Management, and a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering and Sustainable Construction.

Dr. Languell serves in leadership roles with many non-profit organizations that are involved with green building and sustainability.  She is the Immediate Past President/Vice President of the Florida Green Building Coalition, a LEED Accredited Professional for the USGBC, a Class 1 Certified Energy Rater, a NAHB Verifier and Certified Green Professional, and a Certifying Agent with the Florida Green Building Coalition.  During her career, she has certified over five million square feet of buildings and 30,000 acres of land developments using programs such as LEED, FGBC and Green Globes.

Dr. Languell also works with universities to develop certificates in sustainable engineering.  These certificates include three core classes: Green Engineering Design and Sustainability, Industrial Ecology, and Materials and Sustainability.  The certificate program is designed to assist engineering students in expanding their skill sets to incorporate sustainable practices into their engineering disciplines.  The programs also target graduate engineers seeking third party certification in the rapidly advancing field of sustainability.  

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